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Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services Enable You to Provide the Very Best User Experience Possible
- Optimization Of Your WordPress Website On Our Platform Only
- Browser Caching Configuration & Tuning
- Page Caching Configuration & Tuning
- CSS & Javascript (JS) Optimization, Tuning, Minification
- Database Optimization, Cleanup & Scheduled Maintenance Implementation
- 301 Redirect Optimization
- Before and After Backups (using Blogvault)
- .HTACCESS File Optimization
- Theme Optimization
- WordPress Plugin Optimization, Updates & Patching As Required
- Plugin Review & Pruning As Required
- Server Compression Tuning As Required
- HTTPS Implementation for HTTP2 Protocol Support AND Better SEO (if you're not already on HTTPS)
- PHP7 Upgrade (if using PHP 5.6 or older)
- TTFB Optimization where required
- 404 Error Analysis & Rectification
- Cloudflare CDN Setup & Implementation for Lightning Fast Worldwide Load Times & Fast DNS Hosting (optional but strongly recommended)
- HTTP2 Push Configuration (if supported by host and site)
- DNS Record Optimization & Tuning For Speed
- Google Tag Manager Setup & Implementation (optional but strongly recommended if you have Livechat)
- Livechat Lazy Loading Configuration
- Image & Video Lazy Loading Configuration (if appropriate for your theme)
- Advanced Image Compression and Optimization
- WordPress General Best Practices Review & Implementation
- Advanced Optimization - Page Prefetching & Just In Time Preloading
- Advanced Database & Object Caching Implementation
- Advanced Edge Caching For Lightning Fast Worldwide Load Times & Lower TTFB (if support by the type of site you have)
- Optimization for Google PageSpeed Score (on our Advanced Speedfix)
- Full Site Speed Testing & Optimization (for a reasonable number of URLs

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